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The Manhattan Elite celebrated a much-anticipated end to a ‘Gossip’ filled season, Monday night, showcasing the wedding of Lily van der Woodsen to Bart Bass, and concluding the simmering scandal between Serena van der Woodsen and Georgina Sparks.

“Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing” finds Lily van der Woodsen in an awkward state, as a monumental kiss with Rufus Humphrey leads to a night of passion between the former lovers. Waking up in bed with Rufus on her wedding day, Lily is forced to confront the man she used to love, and decide once and for all whether her fiance, Bart Bass, is the man she wants to marry. Perhaps sensing her insecurity, Bart stages a symbolic meeting with his soon-to-be wife, and explains in no uncertain terms, that he is giving up his past in exchange for their future. Lily agrees to do the same, and emotionally makes the decision to put Rufus aside.

Rufus somehow also joyfully comes to terms with giving Lily away, acting more like a supportive father than an ex-lover. Meanwhile, his band, Lincoln Hawk, gets an amazing offer to go on tour for the summer, and Rufus seems to finally be happy.

Ready to talk for the first time in weeks, Serena van der Woodsen tries to contact her boyfriend, Dan Humphrey, but is horrified when she discovers that he cheated on her with her nemesis, Georgina Sparks. Assuming the worst, Serena’s spirits are briefly brightened when he admits they didn’t go all the way, but her heart is shattered as he confesses that they “may as well have.”

Georgina’s misery soon follows, however, as Blair Waldorf arranges a surprise meeting between Mr. and Mrs. Sparks and their daughter. With Dan looking on, Blair dishes in a big way, explaining that Georgina sold her prize race horse for cocaine, broke out of drug rehabilitation, and stole several credit cards to fly out to Manhattan. Georgina, it seems, faces ruin at the hands of her parents, while Blair regains her title as the Queen of Social Destruction.

Bart and Lily marry in a beautiful outdoor ceremony with their children by their side, but for the rest of the Upper East Siders it seems that relationships are merely the seeds for future breakups. Although many thought that it was up to Serena to forgive Dan for his indiscretions, Dan turns the tables and breaks up with Serena, the girl he pined over for so many years.

Meanwhile, Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald put their differences over Blair aside as Chuck helps to reveal Captain Archibald’s plans to flee the country. Realizing his father has done nothing but lie to him, Nate then returns the blow to the face he received from his father earlier in the season. Like the despicable coward he is, Captain Archibald then slithers away, presumptuously, never to be heard from again. Vanessa Abrams, being very un-sympathetic to Nate’s situation, becomes angry that he has been absent for part of the wedding reception. This leads to the abrupt conclusion of their very short relationship.

Meanwhile, our favorite on again, off again couple Blair and Chuck come together in a symphony of romance. Chuck’s best man speech reveals to Blair that he loves her and wants a second chance. They then share a magical week together, completely inseparable as they prepare to share a romantic summer in Tuscany. Just when we thought that the two could have their chance at true love, everything comes crashing down…

Chuck’s transformation is short lived because his newly married father, Bart Bass, gives Chuck a lecture about the commitment and responsibility involved with having a steady girlfriend. Chuck then decides to be true to his former self and leaves Blair waiting at the airport while he woos Lily’s new interior designer, Amelia.

Naturally, this doesn’t phase Blair at all. She intended on having a romantic summer, and a Waldorf gets what a Waldorf wants. She meets a mysterious man at the airport and decides to travel to Tuscany with him. That’s it Blair, don’t let a Bass rain on your parade.

As if the summer wasn’t going to be hot enough, it seems as though Dan will spend most of it with the newly single Vanessa, and that Serena will spend her free time with the newly single Nate. Could a boyfriend switch be in the works? Little Jenny Humphrey, meanwhile is thrilled that she has been accepted for an internship at Parsons. That is, until she realizes that her internship coordinator is Waldorf Designs… Looks like no matter how hard little J tries, she can’t escape the role of Waldorf handmaiden.

The first season of Gossip Girl provided enough scandal, heart break, and intrigue to last most people a lifetime. Not us though, we ‘Gossip’ addicts will be counting down the weeks until Gossip Girl returns in the fall with 24 brand new episodes. Until then, all we can do is speculate about what lies ahead for our favorite Upper East Siders…

Can Chuck put aside his life of partying and give Blair the fairytale romance she rightly deserves? Will Nate and Serena revert to their old ways and re-kindle their love affair? Are Dan and Vanessa’s wry, sarcastic personalities a match made in heaven? Can Lily and Rufus really have put all of their feelings for each other aside? Will Jenny and Eric find love?

We’ll have to wait and see what fate awaits our beloved characters, but when the ‘Gossip’ begins to fly, you know I’ll be here giving you the scoop! Until then, stay fashionable!

-Gossip GirL said “You’re NoboDy untiL you’Re taLked abouT…”

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