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Kim Hye Sung acted in a movie called Boy Meets Boy, about two boys falling in love with each other, after one steals money from the other. KHS plays a boy named Min Soo while co-star Lee Hyun Jin plays Suk-Yee (he’s more of the handsome type). Not only is he portraying half of a gay romance in the short film, the narrative is expressed without dialogue — the director opted instead to tell the story mostly in the characters’ gazes.

While most young stars labeled with the tag “pretty boy” (or kkot-minam) usually opt to emphasize their masculinity as they grow out of their adolescence (see: Jang Geun-seok), Kim Hye-sung is taking a riskier approach in the queer indie romance, wanting to challenge himself: “Although it was difficult to communicate not through dialogue but through a look in the eye, I took up the challenge thinking this would allow me to learn more about acting.” He continued, “A lot of people think that I’m very effeminate, but that’s not actually true. But toward the end of shooting this film, I thought I might really be able to like hyung [male co-star Lee Hyun-jin].” He joked that people would see his co-star, who’s more masculine, and say, “Kim Hye-sung must be the girl and Hyun-jin the boy.” He added, “Whenever that happened, I’d get the feeling that I was a girl [laughs].” Director Kim also disclosed that the actors weren’t paid for their work, and expressed his gratitude.

The film gets an official release in November.

The nearly wordless short film, starring Kim Hye-sung (Unstoppable High Kick) and Lee Hyun-jin (Kimchi Cheese Smile) as 18-year-old high school students, is billed as a queer romance about first love, and bears the tag “based on a true story.” The film held its press conference on November 5, and will have a theater release in six theaters — unusual for a short — starting on November 20, which will also feature a segment on the making of the film. (Because it won’t be shown with other shorts, the ticket price is also lower, at about half the price of regular movie tickets.)

From : http://www.dramabeans.com/

.tHe traiLer aNd Some Pic aBout Boy Meets Boy







Komend : sEbeneRnya Q Lom Liat ni fiLm c.
bEsog sabTu jg bRu mo minJem, ituPun kLo di rentaL daH aDa.
FiLm tNpa diaLog. .? ?! tNpa diaLog, coBa!
BasEd on tRue stoRy Lgi.
Dan katany Lgi ni fiLm duRasinya cM 13 mEnit.
jdi mKin pEnasaRan.
paLagi iiang maEn Kim Hye Sung.
Makin kHidmat jg nontOn ni fiLm [hEhE].
tPi, sayaNg tEma iiaNg diangkat gag sEsuai dgn pa iiaNg Q haRapin.
Q pikiR KHS bakaL maEn fiLm Romantis eeeH gag tau’y mLah [ Boy Meets Boy mank fiLm Romantis c. .tP kHan. .xi] LopH ma Co. Huft. .

he's name is " kim hye seong"

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  1. Aihhh~! q udah nonton nii film^^

    Yahh~ lumayan seru,, walaupun tanpa dialog!! akhirnya so sweet bngt!!XD

    Kim Hye Sung ok banget Aktingnya!!!XD
    Sejak nonton nii film,, q langsung jatuh cinta ma kim hye sung!!!X3

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