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What will Super Junior member say to you? by Rena_Jaejoong
Full Name
Birthday [MM/DD/YYYY]
Leeteuk says…. You are the one ~* [Ha sang You Are The One)
Heechul says…. We are….Super Junior!!!!!
Hangyung says…. Don’t bother me
Yesung says…. Oh!! ma gods!!
Shindong says…. Gotta make you mine
Kangin says…. Shut up!!
Sungmin says…. Let’s party!
Eunhyuk says…. Who are you??
Donghae says…. Let me love you
Siwon says…. So I pray for you ~* [He sang So I]
Kibum says…. I love you more than everything in this world
Ryeowook says…. Show me your love~* (He sang show me your love]
Kyuhyun says…. Whatever I do it’s all for you

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