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KBS Boys Before Flowers Makes Desired Impact on Opening



Boys Before Flowers certainly did not disappoint as it delighted KBS authorities with a strong showing of 14.3% for its opening episode last night.

KBS had been on the losing end in the Mon-Tue timeslot against competing dramas from SBS and MBC for almost 2 years now and it had been banking on Boys Before Flowers to reverse the situation. And it certainly did not disappoint as they finally succeeded on their 13th attempt, coming close to the opening episode rating of 14.6% set by Hello Miss on 19th March, 2007.

But what was the first impression after the first episode? “Although not close to the original, but it was passable” was the general remark given by those who were familar with the manga. Granted that most of the acting were quite stiff but its only the beginning so it should be better as we go along.


KBS bRokE tHe cuRse of bEing the wEakEst out of the tHree TV sTations in tHe moN/tuEs dRama sLot


Determined to break the curse of being the weakest out of the three TV stations in the mon/tues drama slot, KBS has aggressively pushed and pinned their hopes on this Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, “Boys Before Flowers“, to save its viewership. Yesterday’s premiere did not fail KBS. According to TNS Media Korea, “Boys Before Flowers” has achieved a record opening of 14.3%, an opening number not seen since 19th March 2007 (nearly 2 years ago) when Lee Da Hae and Lee Ji Hoon’s “Hello! Miss” opened with a 14.8% rating.

Viewers’ opinions towards the drama, “although not as good as the original but is acceptable”. Due to its nature of being an adaptation of a popular manga, “Boys Before Flowers” has been eagerly anticipated by hardcore fans of the manga, wanting to see how much it sticks to the original story. However, as most parts of the story are unrealistic and certainly won’t happen in real life, viewers who do not understand the fact that this is a manga adaptation will find it hard to accept the various scenes in the drama. For example, an elite of the elite college, going to the college by helicopter, four pretty boys (F4) controlling the school and sadistic schoolmates (still laughing around when someone is about to commit suicide).


But since the original manga is overly popular and has also been adapted into dramas by Taiwan and Japan, its fairytale plot is widely accepted by Korean viewers. Although many viewers commented that the acting of various characters aren’t up to expectation, most are generally satisfied with how much the drama portray the key characteristics of the characters, especially “Wonder girl” Geun Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun), the ignorant Goo Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho) and Yoon Ji Hoon (Kim Hyun Joong) who is unconcerned towards almost everything.

Viewers were especially full of praises toward singer Kim Hyun Joong who challenges acting for the first time. Despite not having much lines in the first episode, viewers commented that he really fits the image of Hanazawa Rui. However, one criticism towards the drama is that the first episode didn’t have the posh and lavish structures/decorations that the drama is supposed to have according to the manga.


“Boys Before Flowers” opens with a high and may likely go higher. But a tough battle awaits as current champion, MBC’s “East of Eden” has already garnered a large following and nearing its end. Furthermore, teenagers and young adults are the ones who make up the core of “Boys Before Flowers”. Therefore, trying to expand its viewership range, especially to the previous generation level is certainly not an easy task.

Sources: Chosun, mydaily


Official trailer of the highly anticipated KBS idol drama Boys Before Flowers has been released. Featuring introduction to characters and more unseen footage. Drama will drop officially on 5th January 2009 via KBS2TV.

.NumPang nitip gambaR iie, ,








Numpang nitip gambar lagi ya, ,

Hm, ni buwad para Kimbumnisme dan Kimjoonisme =). Hope you like all of pics =D.Untuk Goo Jun Pyo ma Yoon Ji Hoo ny menyusul ya ; ). Bedewe, buat Triple S atopun fans-ny Yoon Ji Hoo, dah pada tau lom kalo cowo cute ini terserang flu H1N1 saat dirinya sedang berkunjung ke Jepang? Kasian amat nii cowo =(. Kita doain semoga dia cepet sembuh iiap. Hyun-joong oppa, hwaiting!!

Kim Bum

kb (2)_1






Kim Joon







Source : Asianfanatics.net [kamsahamnida to asianfanatics.net for all of beautiful pics. I Love them all =DD.]

Boys Before Flowers First Overseas Filming Photos Released

The buildup towards Boys Before Flowers continued this morning with the release of production stills of the cast filming at their first overseas location, New Caledonia (earlier news of them filming in New York was false).

Korean F4 and Friends on New Caledonia


The main content of their filming on New Caledonia (nEar AustraLia) and the surroundings with it’s special summer enviroment revolved around Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) and her close friend Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) who goes for a weekend getaway together with F4 at a place owned by Goo Joon Pyo’s (Lee Min Ho) family.

As the actors/actresses involved were all idol stars with an average age of 20+, many scenes of them enjoying a leisure time around New Caledonia were filmed. Notable scenes that were filmed here include Goo Joon Pyo confessing to Geum Jan Di of his love for her and also Joon Pyo witnessing an ambigious scenes between Jan Di and Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong). The coupling between Chu Ga Eul and So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) also takes place here.

(note: These scenes should be familar for followers)



Kim Joon, the oldest among the F4 expressed, “We started filming not too long ago and as most of our scenes are separate from each other, there’s little interaction with others. But thanks to this overseas shoot, we can at the same time film and also enjoy a vacation which helps in building our relationships.”

Our Female Protagonist Jan Di


The production team filmed in New Caledonia and Waiheke Island, off the coast of New Zealand for over a week before returning back to Korea for a short break. They are currently in Macau for their second overseas shoot.



Boys Before Flowers will officially take over from The World That They Live In in the Mon-Tues timeslot starting from 5th January 2009.

adaptEd fRom : http://coolsmurf.wordpress.com/2008/12/03/boys-before-flowers-first-overseas-filming-photos-released/

SummaRy : Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store located near the luxurious and well known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four richest and most spoiled boys when she delivers laundry to the school one day. The boys are known as F4 and cause trouble to those who speak out against them.

.PosteR  baRu Boys Before Flower (Kgotboda Namja) akhiRnya riLis. dLm postEr baRu iNi keempat pErsoniL F4 dan si Rumput LiaR, Jan Di tampiL meNawan deNgan Layout bErwaRna baby Pink. Group Eight seLaku PH daRi sEriaL iNi, yg juGa Sukses mEneLuRkan Princess Hours [sbeLum bErpisaH dgn Eight Peaks], tErkenaL dengan detaiL pRopErti yg mEgaH. Jadi, tidaK diRagukan Lgi, vErsi kEtiga daRi komiK HaNa Yori Dango iNi akan menyejukkan maTa paRa Penonton dEngan bErbagai kEperLuan syuting, sEperti Pkaian, Setting Tempat, KendaRaan, dll iiang mEwah dan sErba ‘Wah’.

.nEw Pic :




.postEr baRu. .PostEr baRu [LagEe. .]



[ 2 PostEr jaduL. .]




[Korean Daegu Keimyun Prepatory SchooL iiang akan jadi tempat syuTing seKoLah Jan Di dan F4, ShinHwa CoLLeGe]








.The cast and crew spent a week filming in the South Pacific in New Caledonia and on Waiheke Island. Filming also includes Macau.





.nEw Pic (gRezzz) bRu dpEd tgL 16 kmRen. .[Let’s sEe]



[Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo & Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di]


[Ki Bum as So Yi Jung. Isn’t hE cuTe ?]

F4 WitH [reaLLy2] fLowEr aNd tHe hEroinE, Jan Di






[WhicH do U pRefeR?]

CoMing Soon !! Can’t Wait aNymoRe, ,xp

.Boys befoRe fLower iiang akan tyang bLn deseMber nanti mEmang pEnuh dgn kejuTan. .


muLai dRi Group Eight seLaku PH iiaNg mempRoduksi seriaL ini. banyag oRang bErtanya-tanya, apaKah seriaL iiang mEngambiL setting Shin Hwa College ini akan bernasib sama dengan Prince Hours yg gagal total di pasaran. Walaupun, sudah didukung dengan penampilan perdana Se7eN di layar kaca, hal ini tidak bisa mengangkat kegagalan rating drama ini yg semakin hari semakin jeblok. Se7eN pun akhirnya kembali ke jalurnya semula. Menjadi penyanyi. Sekarang ia berusaha go international dengan menggelar beberapa konser mini di Amerika.


Walaupun Prince Hours tidak sesukses yg diharapkan, drama ini menjual hal yg sangat penting. PD membawa budaya tradisional ke dalam setting cerita. Banyak hal-hal unik yg bisa ditemukan di kedua drama ini. Budaya tradisional dan teknologi super modern berbaur serasi, menciptakan suasana yang aneh tapi juga asyik. Pede memperkenalkan budaya2 jadul yg sangat amat jarang dilakukan oleh Indonesia. Kpan sih Qt ngeliat ada drama romantis dgn bintang2 fresh dan oke berbalut setting kerajaan Jawa ? ? Ngga ada kHan ! Kecuali sinetron2 siluman Indosiar dengan efek amburadul yg gag tamat2 ? ! Contohnya saja nie y, ada dayang yang belajar pake laptop. Udah gitu, kamarnya pangeran Hoo maupun kamar pangeRan Joon ditata sangat mendetil dengan sentuhan elegan desain interior khas tradisional Kerajaan di Korea. Namun demikian, di kedua kamar pangeran ini tidak ketinggalan diletakkan teknologi modern pula. Kamar ini dilengkapi TV plasma yang juga bisa dipake sebagai komputer, lengkap dengan akses internet. Agak janggal rasanya melihat mereka berbusana tradisional Korea, berada di kamar dengan tata ruang tradisional sedang mengoperasikan komputer dan handphone keluaran terbaru. Tapi justru itu oke’y. Nah, sekarang Group Eight mencoba sukses kembali dengan drama terbaru mereka “Boys Before Flower” yg akan tayang 2008-Dec-22 sampai 2009-March-10. Goo Hye Sun didapuk sebagai bintang utama, mendampingi Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, dan Kim Joon. Goo Hye Sun yg tahun ini berusia 24 taon harus kembali ke seragam SMA’y, memerankan tokoh Geum Jan Di. Begitu juga bintang F4. Mereka rata2 sudah berusia diatas 18 tahun dan diplot harus memerankan karakter anak SMA. Meteor Garden yg pertama kali tayang di layar kaca, memilih jalur aman. Mengubah Setting SMA menjadi Universitas. Para pemain yg dipilih tentu aja pas memerankan karakter anak kuliahan. Apalagi Barbie Hsu yg memerankan tokoh San Chai. Saat bermain di MG, dy sudah berusia 24 tahun, walaupun begitu ia dengan cemerlang membawakan karakter San Chai. Dan pada endingnya, serial ini booming di seluruh Asia. Sekarang coba tanyakan ke siapa saja, pa mereka tahu Meteor Garden ? Tahu Dao Ming Tse? Tahu San Chai ? Atau Si pangeran Charming, Hua Zhe Lei ? Pasti mereka semua tahu. Sekarang Versi Jepangnya “Boys Over Flower / Hana Yori Dango “. Serial ini juga tak kalah sukses. Membawa nama Jun Matsumoto, Inoue Mao, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, dan Tsuyoshi Abe ke puncak popularitas. Walaupun sudah berusia di atas anak2 SMA, kelima orang ini berhasil membawakan peran mereka masing2 dengan sangat baik. Sama baiknya dengan versi Taiwannya. Bahkan saking suksesnya, Boys Over Flower ini dibuat 2 season. Versi movieny juga sudah beredar tahun ini, dan membawa sukses yg serupa.


Gosipnya, Serial Boys Before Flower akan menawarkan hal yg sedikit berbeda dengan kedua versi HYD sebelumnya. Tapi, apa bisa lebih bagus? Akankah sesukses para pendahulunya ? ? Awalnya, Group Eight berniat mengkasting bintang2 dari beberapa boyband di Korea. Tapi, akhirnya hanya Kim Hyun Joong dan Kim Joon-lah yang dipilih. Hyun Joong sendiri berasal dari boyband yg cukup terkenal di Korea, SS501 yg akrab dengan single “DE JAVU”. Sedangkan Kim Joon adalah rapper T-Max yang udah dikenal lewat single “Blooming”.



Ia diplot memerankan Yoon Ji Hoo, seorang violinist yg dingin. Ia adalah anggota F4 yg nantinya akan terlibat cinta segitiga dengan Geum Jan Di ( Goo Hye Sun ) dan Goo Joon Pyo ( Lee Min Ho ).


Sedangkan cowo cute ini akan memerankan Song Woo Bin. Guardian Angel F4 yang memiliki hampir separuh Pulau Cheju. Dia adalah yang terkuat di F4 dan tak segan-segan menggunakan kekuatannya untuk melindungi anggota F4 yang lain.

Yah, walaupun memiliki penampilan fisik yang udah menjamin, tapi apakah kemampuan akting kelima pemain utama Boys Before Flowers ini juga patut diacungi jempol? Kelima orang yg bermain di Boys Before Flower ini sudah berusia diatas usia anak2 SMA. Dan apakah pada akhirnya mereka akan sukses ataukah terpuruk di tingkatan rating rendah? Di Indonesia, saat penayangan Meteor Garden dan Boys Over Flower, rating yg didapat sangatlah tinggi. Walaupun diulang berulang kali, rating yg didapat tetap sama. Saat tayang perdana, BOF tampil hari Senin jam 10 mLm. Byangkan jam 10 mLm aja masih bnyak yg nonton ? ? !


Serial yg berjudul Kgotboda Namja ( dlm bhs.Korea’y ) ini akan dibuat 24 episode dan tayang di KBS2. Saat ini, para pemain BBF sedang berada di Amerika untuk menyelesaikan beberapa scene. Sekarang kita tinggal tunggu saja, apakah serial ini akan mengimbangi kesuksesan MG ato BOF atau malah lebih baik dari kedua versi itu. .