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KBS Boys Before Flowers Makes Desired Impact on Opening



Boys Before Flowers certainly did not disappoint as it delighted KBS authorities with a strong showing of 14.3% for its opening episode last night.

KBS had been on the losing end in the Mon-Tue timeslot against competing dramas from SBS and MBC for almost 2 years now and it had been banking on Boys Before Flowers to reverse the situation. And it certainly did not disappoint as they finally succeeded on their 13th attempt, coming close to the opening episode rating of 14.6% set by Hello Miss on 19th March, 2007.

But what was the first impression after the first episode? “Although not close to the original, but it was passable” was the general remark given by those who were familar with the manga. Granted that most of the acting were quite stiff but its only the beginning so it should be better as we go along.


KBS bRokE tHe cuRse of bEing the wEakEst out of the tHree TV sTations in tHe moN/tuEs dRama sLot


Determined to break the curse of being the weakest out of the three TV stations in the mon/tues drama slot, KBS has aggressively pushed and pinned their hopes on this Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, “Boys Before Flowers“, to save its viewership. Yesterday’s premiere did not fail KBS. According to TNS Media Korea, “Boys Before Flowers” has achieved a record opening of 14.3%, an opening number not seen since 19th March 2007 (nearly 2 years ago) when Lee Da Hae and Lee Ji Hoon’s “Hello! Miss” opened with a 14.8% rating.

Viewers’ opinions towards the drama, “although not as good as the original but is acceptable”. Due to its nature of being an adaptation of a popular manga, “Boys Before Flowers” has been eagerly anticipated by hardcore fans of the manga, wanting to see how much it sticks to the original story. However, as most parts of the story are unrealistic and certainly won’t happen in real life, viewers who do not understand the fact that this is a manga adaptation will find it hard to accept the various scenes in the drama. For example, an elite of the elite college, going to the college by helicopter, four pretty boys (F4) controlling the school and sadistic schoolmates (still laughing around when someone is about to commit suicide).


But since the original manga is overly popular and has also been adapted into dramas by Taiwan and Japan, its fairytale plot is widely accepted by Korean viewers. Although many viewers commented that the acting of various characters aren’t up to expectation, most are generally satisfied with how much the drama portray the key characteristics of the characters, especially “Wonder girl” Geun Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun), the ignorant Goo Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho) and Yoon Ji Hoon (Kim Hyun Joong) who is unconcerned towards almost everything.

Viewers were especially full of praises toward singer Kim Hyun Joong who challenges acting for the first time. Despite not having much lines in the first episode, viewers commented that he really fits the image of Hanazawa Rui. However, one criticism towards the drama is that the first episode didn’t have the posh and lavish structures/decorations that the drama is supposed to have according to the manga.


“Boys Before Flowers” opens with a high and may likely go higher. But a tough battle awaits as current champion, MBC’s “East of Eden” has already garnered a large following and nearing its end. Furthermore, teenagers and young adults are the ones who make up the core of “Boys Before Flowers”. Therefore, trying to expand its viewership range, especially to the previous generation level is certainly not an easy task.

Sources: Chosun, mydaily


Official trailer of the highly anticipated KBS idol drama Boys Before Flowers has been released. Featuring introduction to characters and more unseen footage. Drama will drop officially on 5th January 2009 via KBS2TV.

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